Worcester Boiler Engineer Plymouth

Worcester Boiler Engineer Plymouth

Worcester boilers are top of the range gas fired appliances. J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing has been on training courses run by Worcester boilers in Plymouth to fix and service their appliances. As such this makes us the sensible choice should your appliance breakdown or need repair. These boilers, although of a very high quality are prone to common faults and we are fully qualified and experienced to deal with these faults should they arise on your boiler in Plymouth.

We are the premier gas engineers in Plymouth and we are fully qualified to service and repair all of the Junior, SI and CDi range of Worcester combination boiler.

Worcester boilers come in a full range, from the basic being the 24i junior up to the top of the range 440 cdi. What ever you purchase you can be sure of a top quality product and because of this you will need a top quality installer like J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing. There are certain protocols that need to be followed when installing these boilers and not all boiler engineers in Plymouth do so when fitting them. We know because we are going back to customers houses on a regular basis to remedy these faults.

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