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Gas Safe Registered Does Not = Quality Work

Often when people in Plymouth are faced with a plumbing issue they must undertake the difficult task of finding a suitable engineer to carry out their work. There can be many places they look to find such a person. One place may be the Yellow Pages or another may be the internet via a search engine such as Google. Maybe they will have had an engineer recommended to them by a friend or family member.

We come across alot of customers that are expecting, rightly so, a level of service from a Plymouth plumbing company and this company has not delivered. Maybe the customer has chosen this company because they are Gas Safe registered, this however does not always guarantee a quality service or even quality plumbing work, all the Gas Safe register hopes to guarantee is gas work is carried out to a safe standard. If for example the heating engineer in Plymouth you contracted to carry out work for you was to install a radiator upside down or compoletely out of level or was to put in a heating pipe or gas pipe skewed, this would not be something that the Gas Safe register could hope to ammend or help you to sort out. Maybe an engineer has carried out a Baxi boiler repair and its started to leak water as soon as hes left, this is not necessarily a safety issue more an issue with his workmanship.

Gas Safe Registered Does Not = A Quality Service

It can be terribly frustrating when customers request several quotes from Plymouth gas engineers and expect them all to provide the same quality of work and the same quality of service because they are all registered. Because of this the customer will usually choose the cheapest quote. Do not be fooled the cheapest quote usually does not mean the best value for money.

Try to do some research on the internet to get an idea of which products the plumbers are intending to use and are these fixtures and fitting built to stand the test of time? How long do the plumbers expect the job to take? If one company is saying one day and another one week this should raise questions. How long has the company been established? Are you able to see any references or recommendations on the internet from other customers? Do they offer a full guarantee and how long does it last? Do they seem trustworthy and do you feel if there was a problem with thier work could they be relied upon to come back and sort it out.

All of the above can be guaranteed by J.Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing Ltd so give us call and make us one of your quotes, satisfaction is assured from start to finish as is value for money.

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