When to call out an emergency plumber

From time to time you are bound to come across problems with your water or heating supply. Most non-urgent problems can be dealt with by your friendly local plumber – and there are loads to choose from in Plymouth.

But when is it okay to put an emergency call in?

Most plumbers have an emergency number you can call (bear in mind you will pay more for an emergency call out), but they won’t be too happy if they get a call in the middle of the night from someone with a blocked sink. If any of these are happening in your house then it’s absolutely fine to make the urgent call:

If water is gushing out from anywhere

Obviously you’ll be worried about flooding and water damage so if there is a serious leak that you can’t temporarily fix yourself then get straight on the phone. This includes pipes that have burst (a common problem in winter when pipes can freeze).

If your toilet is blocked

Blocked toilets can present a danger to health so no plumber will mind an urgent phone call if your toilet needs unblocking.

If you have no water at all

Lack of clean water supply to your house is an emergency so don’t feel bad about putting an emergency phone call in to your plumber if this is the case.

If your taps won’t turn off

This presents a flooding risk, and it will also heavily affect your water bill if you are on a meter so the water flow needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

If your pipes are damaged during routine DIY

If a pipe is accidentally knocked and damaged by a drill or a hammer for example then you need someone to come out and look at it as soon as possible. A leak might have occurred and the ensuing damage can be mitigated with fast action.

If your water is discoloured

Water that is anything other than clear should not be consumed under any circumstances. A plumber will quite rightly instruct you to not drink from the taps until the problem has been solved. This may include some testing but the first port of call should be for a plumber to inspect the pipes and see what is causing the discolouration.

Bear in mind that an emergency call out will cost more than a regular one so make sure that you are only demanding urgent action if the need really calls for it. A plumber that is called out of hours will charge more for their time. So if your problem can wait until the next day it’s best to be patient. If however you feel there is any concern for you and your family’s health, or potential danger to your house then you are well within your rights to call the plumber’s in Plymouths emergency number.

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