What’s covered in a boiler service?

Boiler service Plymouth

Boiler servicing is, like many other specialist services, often misunderstood. Many people consider it a luxury rather than a necessity. They are unaware of how getting their boiler serviced regularly can make a vast difference to the lifespan of the system and the price of its upkeep.

Although a boiler system may appear to be working ‘perfectly’, there may well be small, hidden faults that, if ignored, can develop into massive problems and costly repairs.

Having a look at what is included in a regular service can help customers to understand why it’s so important.

The basics

All good boiler servicing professionals will check your system over and give it a clean where necessary. They will also check all of the vital components for leaks and to make sure that they haven’t worn down to dangerous levels.

The reason that they do this is to save you money over time. By catching these problems in their infancy, you can often avoid massive repair bills down the line. A small problem now could lead to a huge problem in a few months’ time.

In more detail

After checking the overall condition of your boiler, your engineer will start looking at the nitty gritty parts of the system. They will check the integrity of the flue and make sure it’s in optimum condition. They’ll look at gas pressures and rates and the quality of the pipework. They won’t rest until every part has been checked and examined carefully.

It’s here where you can tell the difference between a basic service and a full service. You should always expect the latter in order to guarantee the best value from your boiler.

How often?

This is a question we get asked a lot: how often should I get my boiler serviced? The answer is that it’s really down to you. But it’s no coincidence that boiler manufacturers recommend an annual service.

Leaving it for a few years could leave you open to disastrous consequences; it’s certainly a good idea to organise an annual service once your boiler is a few years old as minor problems are likely to start developing.

Carbon monoxide

Having your boiler serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer can provide more than just financial peace of mind. More and more family homes are becoming aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and tasteless, meaning it is very difficult to detect. Because of this, it’s one of the biggest dangers in family homes. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include nausea, tiredness and feelings of confusion.

Malfunctioning gas boilers are prime suspects for emitting harmful carbon monoxide. Having your boiler regularly serviced allows you to rest assured that your boiler isn’t putting you and your family in danger.


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