Top 3 common plumbing problems – and the solutions

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Like car repairs, plumbing is a service that can often save you money in the long-term, especially if you catch problems early.

But there are a number of extremely common plumbing problems that you may be able to deal with yourself. And if you can’t, don’t worry: your local plumber is always on hand to help you out. These common problems may not cost as much to fix as you thought.

Leaking taps

This is a bugbear of many households. A leaking tap can be annoying, yes. But it can also lead to more problems such as water damage or escalated water bills.

Fortunately, many leaking taps are down to the same old problem of a worn washer. If you are feeling like taking the job on yourself, you can research how to dismantle your tap and replace the washer yourself. But remember that not all washers are the same and you may have to quiz your local DIY shop to find the right size.

If a replacement washer doesn’t fix the problem and you’re not a confident plumber, you’re probably going to need to call in the professionals. They should be able to quickly identify and fix the problem.

Blocked toilets

Toilets can very easily get blocked with waste or inappropriate items such as baby wipes and sanitary items. You can use a plunger to try and dislodge the blockage or you could look into getting hold of a ‘sink snake’ that will help you get around the u-bend and budge any clogs.

If this doesn’t seem to work, check the ball cock for signs of damage. A faulty ball cock can result in an insufficient flush.

If all else fails, a plumber will be able to diagnose and fix the problem on your behalf.

Low water pressure in the shower

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower to make you feel better! Unless the water is limping out of the shower head and creating merely a trickle. If you used to have a decent water pressure in your shower but it’s got slower over time, it’s probably due to limescale build-up.

Start by unscrewing the shower head from the the hose and then unscrewing the spray plate if you can. Pop the spray plate in a bowl of descaling solution which you can find in most supermarkets. If you can’t get hold of any, try a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar.

If you can’t detach the spray plate, try balancing the whole head in the solution. If you can’t do that, try filling a bag with the solution and tying it around the head, securing in place with an elastic band.

If in doubt, call someone out!

These are just three of the most common plumbing problems that we see in Plymouth. If you have tried the methods mentioned but had no joy, it’s probably best to call out your plumber. Plumbing problems have a habit of getting worse, so it makes sense to get them fixed quickly and efficiently by plumbers Plymouth!

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