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J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing has earned a reputation of being the premier plumbers in Plymouth. But further to that, we’re also recognised heating specialists. Our central heating repair and maintenance skills have been serving the city of Plymouth (and surrounding areas) for over a decade.

Don’t pay later

If neglected, your heating system can cause damage to your boiler and in some cases, your property. Unfortunately, poor quality work is still undertaken in our industry and customers can end up facing huge repair bills. Leaks, product failure and maintenance issues are just a few problems that can crop up following substandard installation.

We spend a large amount of our time fixing corroded and sludge-filled radiators and boilers. This is because a lot of radiators these days are made using poor quality steel. This isn’t a problem if it is anticipated: we can add a corrosion inhibitor liquid to your heating system so that the steel remains in good condition. That’s a service many engineers don’t offer.


If you’re based in Plymouth and are worried that your heating system needs a bit of looking after, give J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing a call for some expert advice. We’re experts in our field and we love nothing more than helping people get to the bottom of their heating issues. It’s all part of what helps us stay at the forefront of our industry.

Similarly, if you’re looking for some advice about energy efficiency, we are experts at saving you money on your heating bills. So why not give us a ring for some helpful and knowledgeable advice? You’ll be glad that you did.

We also deal with boiler repairs and servicing so if you’re having trouble with your boiler, or just want to give it some TLC, give us a call. All of our costs are outlined on the prices page so you can budget accordingly.

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