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Sometimes the worst happens and your boiler breaks down irreparably. We can usually repair and service boilers efficiently but  occasionally, it makes more economic sense to install a new one. Fortunately, J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing offers a fairly priced and comprehensive boiler replacement service in and around Plymouth.

Boiler replacement Plymouth

Our vast experienced means we’ve got solid knowledge in choosing new boilers. You can depend on us to help you pick the best boiler replacement. We weigh up your circumstances, boiler costs and installation charges to make sure you’re getting a good deal on the right boiler.

Our recommendation

We recommend Worcester boilers. Their experience in central heating spans many years. We favour the i and Cdi range as they come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. We like the peace of mind this brings to us and our customers. Our business is based on long-term sustainability – we’re not interested in quick fixes – so we make sure that the products we recommend reflect that.

Some other benefits of Worcester boilers include:

  • Extended free warranty periods that are honoured with fast response times.
  • Superior heat exchangers that have fewer problems than most.
  • Components are kept to a minimum – fewer things to go wrong.
  • British company.
  • Intelligent heating controls offering superior efficiency.

We’d love to provide a free estimate for your boiler replacement. So give us a call!

If you’re concerned and think your boiler needs some TLC, check out our boiler servicing page.

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