How to save money on your plumbing

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Plumbing repairs are most people’s nightmare. Small problems can quickly become large and can lead to costly repairs that you just don’t have the spare cash for. So we’ve put together some ideas on how you can reduce the cost of plumbing repairs, based on some of the most common problems we’ve seen in our time serving the people of Plymouth.

Care for your drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems we see, so make sure you take care of your drains. You can do this by placing screens over shower, bath and sink drains that will catch any hair or bits of debris. These can quickly build up and clog your drains.

You can buy drain unblockers but the cost of these quickly mounts up and they won’t always shift more stubborn blockages.

And your loo!

Just as drains can quickly become blocked, so too can your toilet. Take care of the old WC by minimising the amount of paper that is flushed down it and ensuring other items are properly disposed of.

Items such as baby wipes and sanitary items should not be flushed down your toilet as they don’t break down and can cause serious blockages.

Shop around

If you do need to hire a plumber, don’t always go with the cheapest local plumber you can find. As with most services, you need someone trustworthy and reliable. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean they’ll cost the least. But equally, they might not be the most expensive.

Quality comes at a price and a plumber’s rates will reflect that. So shop around, check out customer reviews and figure out what a reasonable rate should be. A good plumber will charge somewhere in the region of this rate.

Making sure you hire a qualified, dependable plumber will save you money in the long term. Cheaper plumbers may well get the job done, but they may cut corners that will cost you dearly in the long run.

DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself!

Unless you have ample experience in plumbing, it’s never a good idea to attempt to fix issues yourself. Many people have tried to save money by doing plumbing jobs themselves but it’s ended up costing them much more in the long term.

What’s more, without the proper knowledge and experience, plumbing can be a dangerous area and you could well end up injuring yourself or causing extensive (not to mention expensive) damage to your home.

Follow these simple rules and you should save significant amounts on your plumbing. And if you’re ever in doubt, give your local Plymouth plumber a ring as they will be happy to answer your questions and take a look if necessary.

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