How much does it cost to repair your toilet?

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When your toilet is looking a bit unloved, or causing you endless problems, it’s probably necessary to install a brand, spanking new model. It can transform your bathroom, and might inspire you to have a bit of a redesign.

But how much money do you need to set aside in order to replace your toilet? You won’t be surprised to hear that it can be a pretty big job, and it’s not wise to take the task on yourself unless you have some decent plumbing experience.

Getting rid of the old

The first thing you have to consider is what you’re going to do with your old toilet. Detaching it and getting rid of it can be troublesome so again, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to call out a plumber.

But if you have experience and fancy saving a bit of cash, you can remove the old toilet yourself. Before you detach anything, you need to empty it of all water. So shut off the supply of water to the toilet so no new water can flow in, then find the exit valve and start flushing out the water. Most of it will come out this way but you may need to remove the residue with a sponge or small cup. Not pretty – wear gloves.

Once it’s empty, you can remove the toilet. This is not the easiest process, so make sure you call out a plumber if you’re not 100% certain on how to do it.

Bringing in the new

Perhaps the biggest financial outlay will be the type of toilet you buy. You can pick up basic models for around £100 but some of the fancier models will set you back several hundred pounds., It’s worth investing in a good quality toilet (head for the middle of the range) to avoid disaster from cheap fittings further down the line.

Hiring a plumber

Installing your new toilet will need the expertise of a qualified plumber. There are various things to consider such as the addition of a new wax ring, replacing mounting bolts and tightening any nuts to appropriate, safe levels. Your plumber will know when it’s safe to turn the water back on and get your new toilet working.

The cost of calling out a plumber will vary depending on how much work is involved. But for a straightforward toilet installation, you can expect your plumber to take between one and two hours. Depending on their hourly rate, this should cost somewhere between £50-£100.

These figures are ball park, so make sure you do your research and gather some like-for-like quotes before choosing which plumber you are going to hire.

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