Why should I get a bidet?

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Many of us have seen bidets installed in hotels and guest houses outside of the UK, but we haven’t yet made the leap to getting one installed ourselves.

The humble bidet offers so many benefits as well as adding an attractive feature to your bathroom. And contrary to popular belief, they’re not just one for our European friends: bidets have ample benefits that are making them more and more popular in the UK and outside of Europe.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might consider installing a bidet.


Because a bidet allows you to clean up without using your hands, there is less chance of bacteria being spread around your house and your family.


Let’s look at it this way: if you’ve got dirty hands, do you simply wipe them on a paper towel and be done with it? Not usually – you’re more likely to give them a good wash and then dry them off. A bidet is an easy and comfortable way to keep totally clean.

More comfortable

Those who are experiencing medical issues (such as those with haemorrhoids or women who have recently given birth) may find that a using bidet is gentler and helps with their recovery.

Better for the environment

Most people who have a bidet installed tend to use less toilet paper which not only saves them money, but is also miles better for the environment.

Types of bidet

As the idea of a bidet has been around for hundreds of years, many different types of bidet have been designed but the main options are standalone or bidet seat.

The standalone bidet can be installed next to your toilet and is a complete unit that you’ll find comes in many different styles and colours. Standalone bidets usually have a single or two-handle faucet and vertical and horizontal sprays. Most standalone bidets are open but some come with covers.

The bidet seat is a more modern idea and attaches to your toilet to make it multi-functional. Bidet seats come with all manner of fancy extras such as a heated surface, adjustable controls and even warm air vents for drying.

Having a standalone bidet installed

Much like a vanity sink, a standalone bidet only requires rough-in plumbing lines for hot and cold water. Bidets are usually installed next to the toilet if you have sufficient space. If you are designing a new bathroom and want to feature a bidet, make sure the wall and floor are plumb and square to each other to ensure the best installation.

In order to install the bidet safely and efficiently, your best bet is to call in a reliable Plymouth plumber. Plumbing DIY is only ever advised if you’re qualified and experienced! Make sure you do your research and hire a trustworthy Plymouth plumber to undertake the installation of your new bidet.

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