Combi Boilers Repair

Combi Boilers Repair

It is a common attitude for a plumber in Plymouth, that it seems needless to service anything in our throw-away society, as some things appear much cheaper to replace than repair. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to our gas combi boilers.

This is due to a vast number of reasons, a boiler is often run nearly every day in the household, and depending on the workload can wear much faster than many other appliances, simple faults on a gas boiler are nearly always easy and quite inexpensive to fix.

With many faults increasing if ignored and resulting in the need do away with the old and to replace the whole gas boiler at a very large expense and most importantly, an under-maintained or serviced if you will, gas boiler could prove majorly dangerous to you and your close family.

When Should you Service My Gas Boiler?

The peak times of year for many people to develop a major problem with their central heating and combi boiler repairs in Plymouth is at the end of the hot summer months, when people turn on their household gas boilers after many months of inactivity. In these colder months, it is not uncommon for a gas boiler to develop issues with clogged, dirty or seized parts due to much lack of use.

Because of this problem, it is recommended that you schedule a yearly gas boiler service before the end of summer – through the months of March and October are the usually the most quiet for boiler repair engineers. Not only are you much more likely to get a good service and from an gas engineer at a convienent time that suits you more this easy way, it is very possible that you may also receive a heavily discounted rate out of the peak winter months.

How Much should It Cost?

A full service of your boiler will probably cost from £40 for a standard efficiency combi boiler and from £45 for a very high efficiency condensing wall hung boiler, these prices will also vary depending on your local. Plymouth boiler engineers can often charge more than in country areas. Be very sure to ring around as many good local Gas Safe Registered engineers, like J.Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing, for a quote, with the accurate make and model of household combi boiler, as well as its age and location in your house, to ensure you get the very best deal possible.

Anything Else i should know?

In addition to the usual important boiler service, it is much strongly advised that you install a new carbon monoxide detector in your household in close proximity to the central heating boiler itself. Carbon monoxide kills around 31 people a year in Great Britian, and is taste and smell free, A carbon monoxide detector will provide you with good and safe peace of mind concerning your families safety, and maybe save your life.

In a Conclusion

Not only is a, yearly, regular, annual gas combi boiler service very essential to always ensure that any major issues developing are quickly discovered and dealt efficiently at much less inconvenience to yourself and your family, it is also essential for good safety, energy efficiency in the home, and ensuring you get the up most out of the life of your combi boiler in plymouth.


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