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Preventing water damage

Your home can be at risk of water damage for a number of reasons and if you are planning to go away for a period of time, it’s especially important to understand what elements pose the biggest threats and how you can protect your home. Read more…

Plymouth gas hob

Carbon Monoxide safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) gas can be produced when certain fuels such as gas, oil and coal are burnt but not to full completion. If your boiler is not functioning correctly, it can produce CO because there is not a sufficient air flow to the vital Read more…

Gas Safe Engineer Plymouth

Which Engineer is Good?

Gas Safe Registered Does Not = Quality Work Often when people in Plymouth are faced with a plumbing issue they must undertake the difficult task of finding a suitable engineer to carry out their work. There can be many places they look to find such Read more…

Gas Engineer Plymouth

Gas Engineer Plymouth

Quality Assured! Most people can try and train to become a gas engineer in Plymouth but most people just wont have what it takes. The Gas Safe regulations that control the quality of engineers that are being churned out like it was some sort of Read more…

Plumber in Plymouth

Plumber in Plymouth

Plymouth Based Plumbing Company Hurrah! My first blog on plumbers in Plymouth , on my brand new site. I’ve added this blog to my new site in order to help the general public in and around Plymouth to find a quality engineer. I’m also going Read more…

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