Tap washer renewal

Slow drains? Try these quick fixes

You’ll know if your drains are blocked because it will take ages for the water to drain away. The residue is not a pretty sight and you’ll want to fix the problem as soon as possible. Plugholes and drains get blocked so easily with the Read more…

When to call out an emergency plumber

From time to time you are bound to come across problems with your water or heating supply. Most non-urgent problems can be dealt with by your friendly local plumber – and there are loads to choose from in Plymouth. But when is it okay to Read more…

Combination Boiler

The pros and cons of combination boilers

Combination boilers (or combi boilers as they’re commonly known) are extremely efficient and popular throughout local households in Plymouth. They are referred to as ‘combi’ systems because they can heat your water and act as your property’s central heating unit too. The pros Most people Read more…

Boiler service Plymouth

What’s covered in a boiler service?

Boiler servicing is, like many other specialist services, often misunderstood. Many people consider it a luxury rather than a necessity. They are unaware of how getting their boiler serviced regularly can make a vast difference to the lifespan of the system and the price of Read more…

Gas Safe Engineer Plymouth

Which Engineer is Good?

Gas Safe Registered Does Not = Quality Work Often when people in Plymouth are faced with a plumbing issue they must undertake the difficult task of finding a suitable engineer to carry out their work. There can be many places they look to find such Read more…

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