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How to save money on your plumbing

Plumbing repairs are most people’s nightmare. Small problems can quickly become large and can lead to costly repairs that you just don’t have the spare cash for. So we’ve put together some ideas on how you can reduce the cost of plumbing repairs, based on Read more…

Boiler and heating efficiency

With the cost of everything rising, Plymouth households are looking for ways to cut back on their bills. One of the biggest bills we get hit with (certainly over the winter) is for heating our homes. Unpredictable weather and long cold snaps can often mean Read more…

New radiator

Central heating maintenance

Many customers ask us how they can keep their household bills down and prolong the life of their central heating system. There are several things you can do to achieve both of these. Regular servicing Organising an annual central heating system service is a very Read more…

Burst frozen pipe in Plymouth

What should I do if I have frozen pipes?

It’s certainly getting chilly out there and if there’s one thing we see a lot of during the Devon winter, it’s frozen pipes. If the water in your pipes freeze, it may expand and put pressure on your pipes, possibly causing them to burst. Follow Read more…

Toilet in Plymouth

Plumbing FAQs – Part two

So here it is: the second part of our ‘frequently asked plumbing questions‘ post. There are so many plumbing issues that crop up regularly, we wanted to split them into digestible parts. How do I replace my toilet handle? If your toilet handle has broken, Read more…

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