Preventing water damage

Your home can be at risk of water damage for a number of reasons and if you are planning to go away for a period of time, it’s especially important to understand what elements pose the biggest threats and how you can protect your home. Read more…


What to do if you have a dripping tap

A dripping tap can be a total pain in the neck. It’s costly if you’re on metered water and the sound can irritate you by day and keep you awake in the middle of the night. If you want it fixed quickly and efficiently, the Read more…

plumber plymouth drain

How to unblock your drains

If your drains are blocked, you need to act quickly to avoid the problem getting worse. There are many things you can do to try and unblock your drains but sometimes, you’ll just have to call in the professionals. But you can always start by Read more…

Plumber Fixing Toilet in Plymouth

Why should I get a bidet?

Many of us have seen bidets installed in hotels and guest houses outside of the UK, but we haven’t yet made the leap to getting one installed ourselves. The humble bidet offers so many benefits as well as adding an attractive feature to your bathroom. Read more…

Plumber fixing Rad in Plymouth

5 things to remember when hiring a plumber

Even the simplest plumbing job can lead to disaster if you don’t choose the right plumber. There are hundreds of plumbers in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, so how do you know you’re going with the best? It’s worth doing the research and having the Read more…

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